The Most Romantic Gemstones to Gift this Valentines Day

Make your Valentines Days Gift Giving Simple this year at Cooper Jewelers!

      With the hype from the New Year's festivities winding down, it's time for our young couples that formed during cuffing season and our seasoned love birds alike to start thinking about Valentine's Day! Picking out the perfect gift for your special someone is always a feat in and of itself. This year let Cooper Jewelers make your decision easier. If your guy or gal is a jewelry lover, keep reading to see how we rank our most romantic stones this Valentines Day Season.

#1.Starting off with the signature color of love, the Red Ruby. The ruby or technically speaking the red sapphire is a classic stone that not only goes with this holiday's signature color scheme but can also easily be matched to other seasonal color schemes. This versatile stone is a stunning centerpiece for any jewelry design. It matches and pops in both yellow and white gold (silver) settings. Here at Cooper Jewelers we have an extensive collection of ruby jewelry and we deal in custom designs. Don’t find what you are looking for? Stop in a couple weeks before the holiday and we can custom make the perfect ruby design for him or her.


Red Ruby Necklace
 #2 A diamond stone will always be at the top of the list when rating the most romantic stones. The diamond is the hardest stone out there, incredibly difficult to break, for hundreds of years. That is why this stone has been gifted in marriage to symbolize an unbreakable bond. As far as romance goes it can’t get any better than that right? Cooper Jewelers has a wide range of diamond jewelry on display. Our luxury all naturally grown diamond merchandise can be customized and perfected to your significant others liking.  

Diamond Earrings

 #3 Third on the list is the Pink Sapphire. A different tone of the signature Valentine’s Day color scheme. The pink sapphire is a lovely present for a young relationship. They are a perfect gift as well for this time of year while the fashion style moves out of the winter color scheme and into the spring and summer color scheme. Why not stop in-store this Valentine's Day and pick up your significant other's spring and summer staple jewelry piece!

Pink Sapphire Ring

 #4 The Emerald Gemstone comes in at number 4. The rich green color of emeralds are known to symbolize hope and eternal love. The color green is also a symbol of the planet Mercury which, based on the zodiacs, has much influence on our relationships with one another. At Cooper Jewelers we have an extensive collection of Emerald Gemstone Jewelry. Stop into our store in Warren, New Jersey to shop our collection. 

Emerald Gemstone

 #5 Coming in at number 5 is the Blue Sapphire. The Blue Sapphire is widely known for its connection to all chakras. The deep blue sapphire also helps align and open the third eye. This stone is said to enhance your integrity and wisdom making this a powerful gift to give your significant other. On top of its power it holds, gifting this stone to someone you love shows yours that you care about their mental strength and longevity.

Blue Sapphire Ring

     If you enjoyed these recommendations or found this article helpful let us know on social media by tagging us! We hope Valentine's Day is wonderfully romantic  with those you choose to celebrate with this year!