New in 2021: Vibrant hues from Clifton Clifton:

Innovation & engineering, with a sense of elegance Clifton is the ultimate Baume & Mercier watch collection. A beautiful tribute to the Baume brothers – who founded the Brand in 1830 at the heart of Swiss Jura – and to the watchmaking expertise that the Brand has preserved for nearly two centuries. Behind the soft, elegant curves of these watches is all the expertise and finesse that fascinate fine watchmaking aficionados, with no compromise on style.

Elegant and urban, the masterful balance of their lines is admirable. But what makes all the difference is the performance of the Baumatic movement, which is also found in the new Riviera collection: Yes to an automatic timepiece, but it’s supreme comfort that really counts! The Baumatic movement offers five days of autonomy while maintaining unparalleled accuracy by effectively minimizing the effects of exposure to everyday magnetic fields. The reliability and durability of the materials and lubricants make it possible to prolong its service intervals beyond five years.

This year, Clifton combines accuracy and style with two chronometers as well as a day-date and moon phase version in vibrant hues. The ultimate watchmaking demonstration, a new version of the perpetual calendar, is adorned with gold and a dark blue that is as deep as it is captivating. To each their own, but with the same high standards of elegance.











The art of precision in an intense forest green

Baume & Mercier reflects the present time with remarkable craftsmanship on the hue of the dial on this COSC Clifton Baumatic. Allow yourself to dive into the depths of this lacquered green gradient that brings out the white focal point pattern at its center.

Its 40mm polished and satin-finished stainless steel case makes this watch a delight to wear. On the back, the sapphire crystal case back reveals the fascinating Baumatic automatic movement. One could never tire of admiring its vibrations, It presents a refined watchmaking decor: bridges with a circular-grained finish, a sand-blasted and snailed baseplate, an openworked oscillating weight featuring Côtes de Genève, a unique Baume & Mercier engraving… The movement is equipped with a certified chronometer (COSC) in an expression of accuracy and performance. It is genuinely a tribute to the art of the infinitely small. Like a piece of art worn on the wrist, this watch reveals a sensitivity for beautiful objects.

The gradient green lacquered dial can be seen under a domed scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with an anti-glare coating. An enlarged date aperture at 3 o’clock gives it a contemporary touch. Its edge is adorned with riveted indexes in a slightly elongated trapezoid shape that are elegantly emphasized by the passage of the faceted alpha-shaped hands.

This model – which is, of course, Swiss Made – is paired with an elegant black alligator leather strap with square scales. As a touch of added sophistication, it features gray overstitching on the outside and blue stitching on the inside on the bar tacks at the triple folding buckle. The curved bar system makes it possible to change the strap without using any tools to vary its style according to the wearer’s desires. Clifton Baumatic is the ideal companion for fine watch aficionados looking for a classic and refined look.











A sure thing: rose gold paired with an intense burgundy

This Clifton chronometer offers a remarkable combination of hues and materials with very distinctive watchmaking codes for a confident look. The smaller diameter (39mm) of the round polished and satin-finished case gives free rein to every possible desire, for men and women alike.

Showcasing one of Baume & Mercier’s finest achievements, the Baumatic movement, it is adorned with 18K pink gold to lend a striking intensity to the gradient burgundy lacquered dial. The eye is drawn to the focal point, a symbol of accuracy found on Clifton chronometers certified by the COSC, that can be seen at the epicenter of the faceted gilt alpha-shaped hands that lightly and accurately indicate the slightly elongated trapezoid shape of the gilt riveted indexes. A date aperture can be seen at 3 o’clock. This magnificent Swiss-made gold and burgundy work of art offers a silent dance of the passage of time, graceful and delicate.

The Baumatic movement is adorned with circular-grained bridges and a sand-blasted, snailed baseplate. The gold-plated oscillating weight is openworked with a Côtes de Genève decoration and it features a unique Baume & Mercier engraving. This entire mechanism is only 4.2mm thick and offers invisibility. With each cycle, it expresses all the innovation contained behind this scratch-resistant sapphire crystal case back. Its performance offers a power reserve of 5 days or 120 hours of autonomy, during which its accuracy is unaltered, even when exposed to the magnetic fields encountered in daily life.

In another nod to fine watchmaking connoisseurs, the black alligator strap with square scales is paired with a gold pin buckle. Supple and interchangeable without any tools, it’s easy to give this watch a facelift by combining other colors or materials – because lovers of beautiful things like to vary their style.


CLIFTON BAUMATIC COLORSThe ultimate watchmaking exercise: the perpetual calendar

Baume & Mercier pays tribute to its heritage and watchmaking expertise by reinterpreting a fascinating complication: the perpetual calendar. This watch automatically takes into account months of 30 or 31 days as well as leap years, depending on the length of the month of February. Therefore, it will not need to be corrected until 2100.

With its Clifton collection, Baume & Mercier is passionate about regularly revisiting this masterpiece of construction and miniaturization, making it one of its specialties for several years now. The Brand unveils a new version with a spellbinding deep blue dial that reflects an inexhaustible source of inspiration: the universe.

Its round case, 42mm in diameter and 12.1mm thick, is adorned with 18K polished and satin-finish rose gold. It is topped with a domed scratch-resistant anti-glare sapphire crystal that reveals remarkable craftsmanship: the gold beveled horns catch the light and emphasize the perimeter of the lacquered blue gradient dial, offering a spellbinding contrast. Elegant riveted gilt trapezoid-shaped indexes can be admired under the tips of the faceted gilt alpha-shaped hands that dance gracefully across its face. Three other fine gilt hands indicate the counters: At 9 o’clock, the days. At 12 o’clock, the months. At 3 o’clock, the date counter. At 6 o’clock, the most poetic complication, the moon phase, can be seen through a delicate polished black lacquered gilt moon disk. This Swiss-made artistry composed of blue, gold, and black evokes the night, its twinkling stars, and its bright moon. The perpetual calendar contains the universe, which suddenly seems to fit on the wrist, thanks to the expertise and meticulousness of passionate watchmakers.

When this work of art is turned over to admire its beating heart, the wearer is immersed in the beauty of each tiny component and hypnotized by each delicate gear. Housed here is a Baumatic base to which a Dubois-Dépraz 55202 module has been added. Together, they bring the watch to life and achieve the performance so dear to Baume & Mercier, offering its owner accuracy combined with supreme comfort. It features bridges with a circular-grained finish, a sand-blasted and snailed baseplate, a gold-plated oscillating weight that is openworked with a Côtes de Genève decoration, and a unique Baume & Mercier engraving.

As an elegant touch, the Clifton perpetual calendar is mounted on a black alligator strap with square scales featuring tone-on-tone stitching on the top and blue stitching on the inside, with bar tacks at the rose gold pin buckle. The strap features a curved spring-bar system that makes it possible to change it without using any tools. A poetic and delicate masterwork, this Clifton watch will appeal to the most sensitive and passionate fine watchmaking aficionados.


Founded in 1830 at the heart of Swiss Jura, the Baume & Mercier watch manufacture enjoys international renown. From its workshops at the heart of Swiss Jura to its headquarters based in Geneva, the Brand offers its clients the very finest timepieces. Borne by a complementary balance between an artistic approach to shape and watchmaking innovation in the service of the client, the Baume & Mercier House continues to mark the history of watchmaking by passing down the design and watchmaking expertise that is the Brand’s legacy. This savoir-faire perfectly corresponds with the spirit of cooperation between the Brand’s founders William Baume & Paul Mercier: where classicism meets creativity, tradition meets modernity, and elegance meets character... In a more contemporary way than ever. In 2021, Baume & Mercier unveils new, exacting models that demonstrate the Brand’s change of direction as it sets its sights on new horizons. Today, more than ever before, Baume & Mercier is designing a collective, collaborative, responsible watchmaking approach shaped by design and creativity in order to lay the ground for cooperation and the sharing of experiences. Still in step with the times, the Brand is proud of this dynamic energy and of its attentiveness to social progress.