From revisiting great classics to discovering creative collections in tune with the Maison's DNA, the year 2023 plays with the notion of time's eternal cyacle. This process of transformation allows Cartier watchmaking to surprise and reinvent itself, while always respecting its heritage.

These three watches are the ultimate proof of that.

Starting with the Clash [Un]limited watch: a watch that redefines and transforms the aesthetic heritage of the Clash de Cartier collection. Beads, studs and clou carrés intertwine and carve a new path to prove that mechanisms can be beautiful.

Next, introducing the Baignoire watch and its exquisite oval dial that inspired Cartier to create an all-gold bangle. This mini-version is more jewel than watch, curling elegantly around the wrist.

And lastly, the Santos-Dumont watch, known for its elegance and finesse, boasts an impressive design with its new skeleton movement and architectural details which pay homage to the aviator. Inventive and meaningful, this movement incorporates a miniaturized functional oscillating weight in the form of a replica of the Demoiselle, a precursor aircraft designed by the pilot in 1907.

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