Best of Cooper Jewelers Necklaces

It’s easy to say that this summer was all about and will continue to be about wearing a striking necklace to compliment your look. Today, we’re breaking down some of the best necklaces to be stacked or worn alone all by Cooper Jewelers, your trusted and family-owned New Jersey certified diamond jeweler.


Link Diamond Necklace:

Cooper Jewelers.80 Carat Diamonds Necklace Necklaces

The simplicity and elegance of a diamond necklace says it all. It is the first thing someone will look at within any conversation, it’s the star of all your accessories! Its glistening sparkle is the perfect addition to your everyday style. This 14kt yellow and white gold diamond necklace is the perfect necklace for that everyday woman. 

Bow Diamond Necklace:

Cooper Jewelers 1.30 Carat Diamonds Necklace Necklaces

The bow on this 1.30 Carat Diamond Necklace is the perfect accessory to any look. It’s elegant, simple and a great statement. with its sparkle within all the diamonds, it’s hard not to want this piece! This bow necklace is perfect to be stacked with a variety of necklaces with different lengths. 

Red Ruby & Diamond Necklace:

Cooper Jewelers 2.20 Carat Red Ruby & Diamonds Necklace

Forget about anything else. This necklace is an absolute showstopper with its red ruby’s and diamonds dripping down it. When we say this is worth it, we mean it. The ruby’s hang perfectly along the diamond chain making this necklace #1 on our wish list! Whether a soiree or a ball, this is the necklace you’ll want to show up in making you feel like the ultimate queen.

Emerald & Diamond Necklace:

Cooper Jewelers.63 Carat Emerald And Diamonds Necklace

It’s easy to say that Emerald green has been the color of the year but when it’s paired with diamonds- its even better! This emerald and diamond necklace is the perfect pair to every woman’s jewelry box and neck! It can be worn alone or with a simple chain and it will still speak volumes with its bright green emerald as the center stone and diamond encrusted surroundings!