A fresh summer look for the Riviera

Originally created in 1973, the Riviera watch has been given a new lease on life this year. It is going green this summer to express the energy, joie de vivre, and natural environment of its homeland: the elegant coasts of the Mediterranean. The watch is strongly symbolic of Baume & Mercier, and retains the distinctive dodecagonal bezel and streamlined steel case that have brought it such renown. Following on from the new pieces presented during Watches & Wonders 2021, the Riviera is now adorned with a very summery and radiant green: irresistible. This Brand icon is also wonderfully versatile with a new interchangeability system and an assortment of colored bracelets! More than any other, the Riviera collection demonstrates the expertise of Baume & Mercier in the field of unusually shaped watches. For men and women.

It was first created in Saint-Tropez in the 1970s and still conveys that wild decade’s values of happiness and carefree living. That watch is the Riviera. To mark its renaissance, it embodies the values that represent the Brand’s style. Baume & Mercier continues to express its know-how through this mythical piece in terms of its design, shape and watchmaking expertise. In 2021, the Riviera unveils a new generation. With respect for Swiss watchmaking expertise, it captures the spirit of our times to better reinterpret it. The fifth generation of the Riviera is not about a revival but a renewal.

Summer in green

After the new collection was presented at Watches & Wonders 2021, Baume & Mercier expressed an ever more impactful style in connection with its rich history. A clever combination of “seventies-style” avant-garde design and the sporty classicism of contemporary watchmaking, the Riviera is going green for an exciting comeback. The color of these two incredibly characterful watches is synonymous with hope and a love of nature.

The first green creation is the 36 mm diameter model, aimed at women from all walks of life as well as men looking for a sporty and understated watch. In steel, this Riviera – water-resistant to 50 meters as for all models of this size – features a light green dial with a refined sun-satin finish and is decorated with delicate stylized waves. This watch is unrivaled in its elegance, and powered by a new generation “Swiss made” quartz movement that provides 10 years of autonomy.



More masculine in size, the second Riviera has a dark green dial and is decorated with an exclusive nautical motif. It comes in an automatic “Swiss made” version in satin-finished and polished steel and measures 42 mm in diameter. It goes without saying that it also features the celebrated dodecagonal bezel. The radiant satin sunray dial is decorated in green, which accentuates its cool and contemporary design and offers water-resistance to 100 meters.











The Riviera’s Fast Strap system can be used to switch bracelets whenever the mood strikes!

Asserting its design expertise once more, Baume & Mercier has paid special attention to how the bracelet (steel or rubber) fits onto the case for all the pieces in the Riviera collection that was unveiled this year. The system has been thoughtfully designed by Baume & Mercier watchmakers to provide the Riviera with beautifully balanced proportions as well as increased comfort for its wearer. With their summery style, the two new pieces are decorated in interchangeable green grained and satin rubber straps, and are fitted with a triple folding security clasp. They also feature the ingenious Fast Strap interchangeability system developed by Baume & Mercier, so the flexible or steel bracelet can be changed in just a few seconds. With this brand-new Fast Strap system, the bracelets can simply be clipped into the center of the lug. There is no requirement for specific tools or force. Simple and straightforward. The rubber strap is available in various colors (black, blue, green, azure blue, white and mauve) so you can match the Riviera to your mood. Changing the bracelet on a watch transforms its appearance. The Riviera is naturally versatile, and knows how to do this to its best advantage.