3 Types of Watches Every Man Should Own

A watch is more than just an accessory; it's a reflection of a man's style and personality. But with so many styles out there, it can be hard to decide which type of watch is right for you. At Cooper Jewelers, we believe that every man should have at least three types of watches in his wardrobe: one dress watch, one sports watch, and one timeless classic. Keep reading to learn more about each type and why they are essential for any man looking to stay fashionable. 

Dress Watch
A dress watch is the perfect addition to any formal outfit. It should be sleek, simple, and clean—with no extra bells or whistles. Choose a basic leather band with a silver or gold face that will never go out of style. For maximum versatility, opt for a timepiece with interchangeable bands so you can easily switch up your look when needed.

 IWC Schaffhausen Portofino Automatic - IW356527

IWC Schaffhausen Portofino Automatic - IW356527

Sports Watch
A sports watch is designed to handle all kinds of activities—from outdoor adventures to day-to-day tasks. So if you lead an active lifestyle, this is the perfect choice for you! Look for features like water resistance, scratch protection, stopwatch functions, etc., that will help you take on whatever life throws your way without having to worry about your timepiece getting damaged in the process.


Chopard Mille Miglia Gran Turismo XL Power Reserve Mens Watch

 Mille Miglia Gran Turismo XL Power Reserve Mens Watch - 168457-3005

Classic Watch
The classic watch is timeless and sophisticated. This type of watch exudes sophistication and is perfect for when you want to make a statement without saying anything at all. Investing in a quality classic timepiece means that you'll be able to wear it no matter what year it is—and still look stylish while doing so!

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A good selection of watches should reflect different aspects of your personality while also being practical enough to handle everyday activities. From dress watches to sports watches to timeless classics—every man should have these three types in his wardrobe if he wants to remain fashionable without sacrificing quality or style. At Cooper Jewelers we offer all three types so come visit us today and find the perfect timepieces for any occasion!

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