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1-888-676-GEMS(4367) 1-781-933-1511

Our Designers

Mr. Ami

        Mr. Ami is the designer and manufacturer of hundreds of exclusive designs in gold and platinum including
 the famous Donna Ring, the Dora Pendant and the new Athena Designs.  He has almost 40 years of experience
 in the jewelry industry from hand cutting models to creating one of a kind pieces in CAD Design.  Ami is a direct
 importer of diamonds and colored gemstones so we can pass along those saving to our customers.

Wendy Phipps

        Wendy Phipps is a talented creative jewelry with over 20 years of experience in jewelry repair and design.
  Wendy has been Cooper Jewelers' primary repair jeweler for over 15 years.  Wendy is known for her edgy
  yet simple designs using a unique selection of gemstones with a mixture of gold, and sterling in many colors.
  Her designs are easy to wear and are designed to compliment today's fashions.